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Balance Yourself

Rock Balancing

Healing-Focused Therapy
for Every Body


֍ A time that's right for you ֎

30 Minute Session

$45 for 30 minutes

60 Minute Session

$85 for 60 minutes

Reiki Therapy

90 Minute Session

$125 for 90 minutes


Singing Bowl Sound Healing

Sound Healing

Sound healing uses a variety of techniques to promote self healing. The primary modality I use is Tuning Forks: The weighted OTTO 128 Hz, is focused on fascia and mechanical release; the full set of unweighted Solfeggio forks and/or weighted Chakra set is a mix of physical and energetic healing. 

Image by daniel odame

Orthopedic/Clinical Rehab Massage

I hold certifications in Orthopedic Massage from Whitney Lowe and Clinical Rehabilitative Massage from Lowe/NCBTMB. This service is geared towards athletes/those in chronic pain and is typically sold in shorter session packages, arranged on an individual basis. 

Hand Massage

Structural Integration

Structural Integration [SI] is based on the 10 sessions of Rolfing® and addresses the fascia in a very specific series. I am certified in SI though the Lyons Institute. 

COVID-19 & Illness Policies

Masks are optional for clients. However, I tend to wear a mask for a variety of reasons. Please do not come for an appointment if you have been knowingly exposed to someone with Covid/the flu, and/or have experienced any of the following in the last 48 hours:

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Sore throat
  • Unusual respiratory symptoms
  • Painful joints or muscles that are unusual for you
  • Abnormal fatigue or exhaustion
  • New skin lesions or rashes AND/OR a rash that has worsened and/or mutated into blisters or boils
  • Swollen lymph nodes--new or recently observed

If any of these are noted before or during treatment, the session may be deferred until a future date. Thanks for helping to keep everyone safe & healthy!

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